New science study examines maintaining proper calcium levels for health and homeostasis

A new study that was published in an issue of the journal Food Science and Human Wellness has taken the initiative of reviewing the key elements of calcium homeostasis (the process of maintaining adequate levels of calcium in the body) which include bone calcium resorption, calcium sensing receptor regulation, intestinal calcium absorption, and renal calcium reabsorption.

  • The researchers involved in the study also took note of the roles that dietary calcium and vitamin D had in alleviating the symptoms of diseases that are connected with dysfunctional regulation of calcium.
  • They also noted that an excessive amount of calcium consumption could backfire, as it can cause a slew of detrimental ill effects such as myocardial infarction or heart attack, stroke, and kidney stones.

The researchers concluded that the consumption and supplementation of calcium should complement the lifestyle and health of the individual, so as to ascertain that they are neither excessive nor lacking.

Journal Reference

Fan Pu, Ning Chen, Shenghui Xue. CALCIUM INTAKE, CALCIUM HOMEOSTASIS AND HEALTH. Food Science and Human Wellness. 2016; 5(1), DOI: 10.1016/j.fshw.2016.01.001

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