New science reveals “consensus” theory of how Earth was formed is TOTALLY WRONG… but scientists are sure they’re not wrong about anything else

A new scientific discovery debunks the popular “consensus” theory of how the Earth was formed. Researchers at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris simulated the formation of the Earth’s mantle and discovered a zinc to sulfur ratio different from current thinking. The discovery suggests that the Earth was NOT made from solar system materials, as scientists have previously thought.

“Most theories are based on the Earth being formed from only two types of stony meteorite, the CI chondrites or enstatite chondrites,” the researchers state. However, when they simulated core to mantle differentiation at the time of Earth’s formation, they got different results. Melting mixtures of iron-rich metal and silicate compounds at high pressure, the researchers witnessed a very different distribution of zinc and sulfur than what is currently accepted as true. After they plugged the results into computer models simulating Earth’s formation, they realized that none of the canonical models could reproduce the Zn to S ratio of the present day mantle. This calls into question the current consensus beliefs on the constitution of the Earth’s mantle and how it formed from the beginning. Everything that scientists thought they knew about the Earth’s creation is wrong. The “consensus” believed that zinc is nonexistent in the mantle, but according to the newest simulations, zinc is actually an abundant element. This has enormous implications and suggests that Earth wasn’t derived from solar system materials.

“This new work indicates that the Earth needs to have formed from a more S-poor source; in terms of the geochemistry, the best candidate for this material is the metal rich CH chondrites,” the researchers reported.

For so long, scientists have been certain of the Earth’s origin materials and the mantle’s constitution. With these results, they must admit that they were wrong and the Earth originated from a source outside the solar system. What else are they so sure about that isn’t quite true?

Consensus thinking is often popular but is rarely true

Roused by a particular emotion or driven by a belief, minds readily gravitate toward popular conclusions, fulfilling personal expectations. It could be the desire to fit in or the need to belong that drives minds to settle on faulty consensus thinking. When minds settle on one conclusion and are too weak to challenge what has been established as fact, then the truth is what the majority think it is. When minds try to fulfill an expectation, when they are consumed by a preconceived belief, they find a way to support and validate the same consensus thinking, even when it’s wrong. Very few minds break outside the boundaries of the norm and seek deeper truths apart from what is popular. This is where the mind can be liberated, in the courage to challenge popular thought. This is where scientific discoveries are made. This is where people are set free from enslaving systems of belief.

Weak, emotionally-driven consensus thinking dominates mainstream thought on issues such as climate change, immunology, and the origin of life on Earth. Consensus thinking permeates people’s minds when they trust or submit to those in power. The influence of powerful people is multiplied because minds desire conformity and for someone to show them the way. In the spirit of respecting authority, many minds go along to get along. People are inclined to obey. This behavior is commonplace on college campuses, in churches, in corporate structures, and in government. Discernment is lost when minds freely trust what they are told.  Even though lasting immunity is not found in vaccine science, minds easily fall in line and trust perpetual vaccination (and believe it’s not linked to autism). Likewise, even though carbon is an essential element to life, minds are easily swayed to come against it in the name of protecting the planet from “global warming.” No matter what we are told, the science is NOT settled on countless issues we are brainwashed to be allegiant to. (Related: For more on the corruption of science and industry, visit

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