Fifty-eight new science papers published in 2017 reveal NO global warming… “climate change” hoax unravels under scientific scrutiny

Millions of Americans have been awakened to the diabolical falsehoods that proclaim the same mantra over and over; if our carbon output increases, the imminent destruction of our planet is at hand. But those who know better have heartstrings that are not pulled when bought and paid for scientists and politicians feign sympathy for third world nations and coastlines teeming with poor people who will starve, drown or become climate refugees unless we drastically reduce our carbon footprint. The enlightened observer may only give scant attention to these fifty-eight scientific papers published in 2017 which “invalidate the claims of unprecedented global-scale modern warming,” as reported by

But maybe these charts and accompanying data can be shared with your brainwashed friends and family sheeple who’ve been hoodwinked by this insidious plan. They just don’t know, as reports, that the trillion dollar climate change racket is the “only major industry in the world dependent upon consumer and voter ignorance.”  Ms. Nova asks some important questions:

What if they [the believing public] learned that the climate models are unskilled, broken, and non-functional, or that 28 million weather balloons show carbon reduction is a fruitless pursuit? What if they knew historic records are wildly adjusted to make the current weather look warmer than it would?”

What if ordinary, everyday folks who don’t really have time to do the research, and have children in school who are being indoctrinated with this false paradigm, knew that the whole idea behind the scheme, as reported by, is to  “intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history.”  That quote came from Christiana Figueres, who, at the time of her statement, was the executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and key architect of the Paris climate agreement. In other words, she was the propagandist in charge of getting 195 nations to agree how much money they would put in — or get out — of a slush fund, in order to control the globe’s temperature. Pure nonsense. Reason and intellect, when it comes to the climate change/global warming cabal, aren’t allowed at the table of ideas.

The Guardian reports that Ms. Figueres is on the short list of candidates who want to succeed Ban Ki-moon and run the world via the U.N. That’s a scary thought. Now her day job is cheerleader and chief conspirator for a new PR front group of climate liars called Mission2020. These people just won’t stop until they are exposed. Until then, they’ll spend a few of those collected billions to convince the whole world of one of the biggest scientific frauds in the history of mankind. Now, they’ve bumped up the impending doom to 2020, unless we stop exhaling our carbon filled outbound breath and eliminate cheap energy.

The results of severely lowering carbon could lead to starvation and genocide. But isn’t that the goal of these globalist snake oil salespeople? Knocking off a few million here and there is an end that needs a means. And boy oh boy, the money is good. Are these globalists not familiar with the sun’s influence on the earth’s climate? That truth just isn’t convenient for Mr. Gore and Ms. Figueres. We American’s should be very thankful to President Donald Trump for withdrawing from the fraudulent extortion racket called the Paris Climate Accords. But Ms. Figueres and her gang of thieves isn’t stopping. Take a look at her approach to the millennial generation at this outdoor stadium where she spewed her saucy lies. Why does she need cue cards?

Let’s not give up hope just yet. The truth always wins out. It may take a little longer, but, as reminds us, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ” The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” So be it.

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